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The Attraction of Ceiling Extraction

The Attraction of Ceiling Extraction

Lux Air Ceiling Extraction at Modern living

Finally a range of ceiling hoods that offer quality at a reasonable price!  The luxair range of ceiling hoods is both lovely to look at, with their signature Italian design without being too heavy on the wallet. You can choose from a flush finish or a boxed finish if you don’t have the space in the joists of your ceiling.

As with all Lux Air hoods, the extraction rate to decibel level is amazing.  Powerful extraction without the horrible noise levels you get with lesser brands.  When coupled with a 150mm ducting kit, these hoods really do impress when it comes to the quietness. 

The LED lighting adds another valuable light source to the kitchen, and of course being mounted on the ceiling, all these units come with a remote control. 

Lux Air offer a fantastic 5 year warranty with these hoods, so you can rest easy knowing that once it’s up, you don’t have to worry at all.  The grease filters are completely dishwasher safe, so a quick cycle through the machine and you’re good to go.
A top extraction rate of 950m³ at only 63db is outstanding.  And remember that you will naturally be a little further away from the hood, so will notice the sound even less.

Slim, sleek, modern with Lux Air’s quality manufacturing and outstanding warranty make these ceiling hoods worth planning your kitchen around.  A fantastic alternative to Island hoods, giving more head space above the hob and now at the same price. 

For around £800, you won’t do better.

Published on Thursday, 14th April pm 5:31pm