Cooker Hood Ducting Kits

Picking the correct kit

Luxair Uk offer a great range of ducting kits in 2 sizes.  Although perfect for the luxiar range, in either 5" or 6" (125mm and 150mm) sizes, they can be used with most cooker hoods.
Both the 5" and 6" widths come in 4 different lengths, 1.5m, 3.5m, 4m and 6m.  Please do check your required length before ordering.
Although we don't list them, we are able to source extra bits and spares, get in touch if you need something.
The larger the ducting, the better the extraction and the lower the noise level.  In fact, smaller ducting seriously increases the noise of the hood, thats why we only recommend 5" and 6" ducting (most 4" hoods can use an adapter to increase it to 5").
The kits are listed below, just click thorugh for more details and add to your basket as required.