How to Replace Your Shower Tray – Complete Guide

Shower trays are one of the items in your home that are greatly susceptible to wear and damage over the years. If your shower tray is cracked and in need of replacement, but you don’t know how to replace a shower tray, you’re at the right place!

Find out how to replace a shower tray with our helpful guide!

In this article we will cover the following:

What is the Importance of a Shower Tray?

A shower tray catches all the water from your shower and directs it to the drain, preventing your whole bathroom floor from being flooded. This makes it perhaps the most significant part of your shower room. 

Therefore, it’s important to make sure it’s installed properly. A cracked or improperly installed tray can lead to water damage which can be costly to repair. 

What Tools Will You Need to Replace a Shower Tray?

Before replacing your shower tray, it’s important to make sure you’re equipped with the necessary tools. Here is everything you will need for your project: 

  • Pencil
  • Spirit Level
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Cement
  • Building Sand
  • Mortar Trowel

How to Replace a Shower Tray?

Before you buy a shower tray and start on the installation, there are a couple factors you should consider. The first thing you need to determine is whether you will be using a riser kit or not. A riser kit allows you to add some height to your tray if you require room for plumbing above floor level. 

There are differences in the installation process depending on whether or not you are using a riser kit.  

The second thing you need to do is find the right size tray for your shower. Shower trays are available in a wide selection of sizes to suit your needs. If your shower space isn’t perfectly square, don’t worry. All trays available at Modern Living can be cut to size allowing you to find the perfect solution for even the most awkward spaces. 

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Shower Tray?

The typical installation time for this type of projects is a couple of hours. Depending on your experience, however, you might find it can take you longer. It’s also worth mentioning that you will need to

Without further ado, let’s get into the technicalities of how to replace a shower tray.

How to Replace a Low Profile Shower Tray?

Low profile trays sit directly on the floor providing a sleek, modern look. Because of this, the installation process can be a bit tricky for a novice DIY-er. If you’re not confident in your skills, we recommend hiring a professional in order to avoid costly mistakes. 

Here is the step-by-step instructions for fitting a low profile shower tray: 

Step 1 – Measure and Mark the Outlines

Before you install your tray, remove your old one and inspect the floor underneath making sure it’s in good condition and capable of supporting the new tray. Use the spirit level to ensure the floor is level.

Next mark out where your tray will go. If you’re replacing a cracked shower tray, you can use the existing markings as a guide. Cut your tray to size if needed. 

Step 2 – Cut Out an Access Hatch and Waste Hole

If there isn’t one already, cut out an access hatch next to the tray so you can reach the outlet pipe and the waste once the tray has been installed. It’s best to use a jigsaw for the task to ensure a precise cut. 

A low profile shower tray has no room for pipework directly underneath, which means you might need to remove part of the floorboards to create room for the waste pipe. 

Step 3 – Install the Waste

With your waste and access holes cut out you can go ahead and install the waste and trap. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid mistakes and ensure the waste is levelled properly.  

Step 4 – Lay Mortar

Things might get a bit messy at this stage, so make sure you’ve got your work attire on. Mix up your mortar and apply a thin layer where your shower tray will go. Gently press your tray onto the mortar and use a spirit level to ensure your tray’s positioning is right. Once your tray is correctly in place, let it dry for at least 24 hours. 

Step 5 – Connect Outlet Pipe and Seal the Edges

After the mortar has dried, use the access hatch to connect your outlet pipe with the waste trap. Pour water through the waste trap to check for leaks and make any adjustments if needed. If there are no leaks anywhere and you’re happy with the installation all that’s left to do is to apply silicone sealant around the edges of the tray to tidy things up. 

For a more detailed guidance on the whole installation process, you can refer to our shower tray installation video

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Replacing a Shower Tray with Riser Kit

You can use a riser kit to turn your low profile tray into a height-adjustable one. This is particularly useful, if you want easy access to the plumbing underneath your tray. A riser kit consists of adjustable legs that your tray sits on and side panels that hide the legs and pipework 

Follow these steps to successfully install a low profile shower tray with a height-adjustable riser kit: 

Step 1 – Place Your Tray Down

Place your tray where it will be installed. Check that it fits alright and there are no gaps or clearance issues. Use the spirit level to make sure the surface is flat. Next screw the legs of the tray into position, adjusting the height to the level you need. Briefly attach the waste to make sure it lines up properly with your bathroom’s waste pipe and adjust the height is required.  

Step 2 – Connect the Waste

Once you’re happy with the general fitment of your shower tray, it’s time to find the best route for your waste pipe and connect the waste. Attach the waste to your shower tray following the provided instructions and then connect it to the trap. 

Step 3 – Make Sure Everything is Levelled

Using a spirit level, make sure your tray is perfectly levelled. This is a very important step so make sure you pay close attention. Double check all corners to prevent future problems such as leakages. Also ensure that all legs are properly tightened.  

Step 4 – Fit the Outlet Pipe

Now that your shower tray is level it’s time to attach the waste outlet pipe and finish the plumbing. Make sure everything is secure and tight and there are no loose connections anywhere. 

Use a watering can or kettle to pour water into the waste and ensure there are no leaks. 

Step 5 – Fit the Side Panels

Finish things up by installing the side panel of your rising kit to create a seamless look. This should be pretty straightforward, just make sure to follow the instructions provided with the kit. Depending on the height of the legs you might need to trim the side panels to achieve a seamless look.  

Step 6 – Seal Around the Edges

The final step is to take your silicone sealant and carefully seal around all edges of the tray. This will create a bond that will keep your tray securely in place. 

How Much Should it Cost to Replace a Shower Tray?

How much it will cost to replace a shower tray depends on the scale of the project. If you’re installing the new tray by yourself, you only have to account for the cost of materials. However, unless you’re confident in your skills we would recommend getting a professional to do the job. 

There are different factors that will affect the cost of your project. If your bathroom is tiled, it would be difficult to replace the tray without having to replace the ties around it for example.   

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