FAQ – Why do Fridges Smell Bad?

You’ve probably been there before: you open the fridge to grab a snack and then you’re hit with a terrible smell. Even if you keep your home sparkling, if your fridge doesn’t get the same attention, stale, sour smells are bound to occur. Spoiled food ro a dirty trap tray are just some of the culprits of a bad smelling fridge. 

Why do fridges smell bad sometimes? Let’s discover!

Why Does Your Fridge Smell Bad? – 5 Reasons

  • Incorrectly stored or spoiled food – The most common reason you might be noticing a nasty smell coming from your fridge is expired or incorrectly stored produce. This can happen particularly if you have a habit of overloading your fridge. Strong smelling food in improperly sealed containers can also cause your fridge to smell odd. 
  • Spills or leaks inside the fridge – Unnoticed leaks could be another potential source of smells in your fridge. In those cases a deep clean can help resolve the smelly situation. Take everything out and clean all shelves and drawers separately. Make sure all surfaces are completely dry before putting food back in your fridge. 
  • Blocked drain or drip tray –  So you’ve cleaned the inside but your fridge still has a lingering smell? It might be a good idea to have a look at the drip tray or the condensation pipe at the back of the fridge. If those are blocked with dirt it can cause your fridge to smell. 
  • The fridge’s water tank needs cleaning – In fridges with a water dispenser, you might sometimes notice a chemical smell. This could mean that the water tank needs to be cleaned or the filter needs changing. The way you do this is specific to the brand and model of your fridge and you can find instructions on it in the user guide that came with your appliance. 
  • Faulty fridge or freezer – In rare cases a bad smell coming from your fridge might be a sign of an issue with your machine such as a broken seal or malfunctioning compressor. 

Why do Fridges Smell When Turned off? 

You might notice your fridge starts to smell rather bad, if you have left it turned off for a while. This is usually caused by bacteria and fungi spores growing in the appliance and feeding off of the tiny bits of food and dried fluids. 

If you know your fridge will have to sit turned off for a while, it’s important to take out any food and clean it thoroughly with bleach and soap. 

How to Deal with a Bad Smelling Fridge? 

So how do you get rid of a bad smell in your fridge? The first important rule is to make sure you get rid of any food that is out of date and ensure all food containers are sealed properly.

Along with this it’s essential to clean your fridge regularly. This includes taking out all the shelves and washing them out to get rid of any food particles. It’s recommended to do that at least once every 6 months.

Ensuring your fridge is set to the correct temperature will also help in preventing nasty smells as it will reduce the risk of food getting spoilt.

However, if you’re constantly noticing a foul smell from your fridge that doesn’t seem to go away it might be time to replace your appliance. Shop the fantastic range of fridges available at Modern Living.

For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by phoning, emailing or filling out a contact form. You’re also welcome to visit our showroom where you can browse hundreds of products in person.

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