Refrigeration Appliances

Keep your food fresher for longer with our great choice of refrigeration appliances: fridges, freezers, fridge freezers, wine coolers and American fridge freezers. If you’re choosing a new fridge or a separate fridge and freezer, we’ve got them in every shape and size. Integrated fridge freezers are the right choice, built to standard dimensions, to fit into a cabinet space. Alternatively, if keeping your refrigeration appliances in a utility room or space isn’t an issue, you could choose a freestanding fridge freezer or American fridge freezer. The American style fridge freezers are the perfect refrigeration appliances for big families. They come with great features, such as cold water and ice dispensers, ideal for those summer days. However, if wine is your thing, why not choose a wine cooler: either slimline, under the counter or freestanding, they’ll keep wine at the perfect temperature (without having a wine cellar)!

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