Bidbury taps

In a world where the majority relies on products from the Far East, Bidbury & Co stands proud, breaking away from the norm.

As a British company, Bidbury & Co takes great pride in offering an extraordinary collection of inspiring kitchen taps. Their focus is on catering to customers who seek not only the finest items but also appreciate meticulous attention to product design, reliability, and exceptional after-sales service.

Available in Chrome, Pewter, Nickel and Brass.  Choose the colour option on the product page.

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the sink and tap industry, the Bidbury & Co team has been instrumental in shaping their initial product range and guiding future expansions.

At the core of their business lies a deep appreciation for customers. Bidbury & Co’s philosophy revolves around surpassing expectations by crafting superior products and, equally importantly, ensuring an after-sales structure and service that consistently deliver unmatched customer support.

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